Got A Speeding Ticket In Suffolk County You Feel You Don’t Deserve?

We can evaluate the situation and defend you in court in Suffolk County so that you don’t have to pay the fine or be charged with a violation that you didn’t commit. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about local traffic laws, and we know the most common reasons that a ticket may be thrown out, such as improper documentation or a lack of protocol.

When you contact us, provide all the information you can about the incident, including a summary of your driving record and the contact information for any witnesses. The more information we have, the more easily we will be able to build a case to defend you.

We know that traffic court can be expensive and difficult; that’s why we guarantee the lowest rates in the area. Call as soon as you know the traffic violation you are being charged with so that we can get to work.

Trust Our Legal Experience

The legal team here at Ilene H Cohen, Esq., is dedicated to helping you fight traffic tickets of all kinds. Traffic and speeding tickets can cost hundreds of dollars to pay off, and they can even raise your insurance rates so that you have to pay more for those in the future. Plus, these tickets, while minor infractions, stay on your record.

Instead of just accepting these unfortunate and serious consequences, turn to a professional traffic lawyer in Suffolk County. We’ve been in business decades now, and we guarantee the lowest prices for our services. Plus, we charge a flat rate, not hourly, so you know exactly what you’ll pay for.

If you want to avoid court and get professional legal help for your ticket, contact us today at 1-888- 816-3330 for immediate and reliable assistance.

We service all areas throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York State!
Call the 24 Hour Suffolk County Ticket Defense Hotline

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