Speeding Ticket Cost


If convicted of speeding in New York the fines will range from $45 to $600. See the chart below for fine amounts.

Speed Minimum fine Maximum fine Possible prison time
up to 10 mph over $45 $150 not more than 15 days
more than 10 mph over – less than 30 mph over $90 $300 not more than 30 days
more than 30 mph over $180 $600 not more than 30 days
inappropriate speed $45 $150 not more than 15 days


Often times, depending on where the ticket was given, a surcharge will be added in addition to the fine. You might even have to complete a Driver Responsibility Assessment if you receive six or more points during an 18-month period.


Speed violation points range from 3 to 11. Your license will be suspended at 11 points.

MPH over speed limit Points
MPH over speed limit not indicated 3
1 – 10 mph 3
11 – 20 mph 4
21 – 30 mph 6
31 – 40 mph 8
More than 40 mph 11


Often times, speeding tickets will increase the amount you pay for insurance.

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