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Traversing the Nassau County traffic court system can be an intimidating and humiliating experience. To get the experience over with quickly, many people plead guilty and accept paying the associated fines. But violations can be detrimental to your driving record and can lead to higher insurance premiums. Even by simply pleading guilty and paying the parking or speeding ticket, the violation is still on your record. It can take several years for the violations to clear from your driving record. Meanwhile, repeated traffic tickets or more serious offenses can result in higher car insurance rates or even cause you to lose your driving privileges.

Our experienced staff will help you to defend yourself against a parking or speeding ticket. We are located in New York State and specialize in the handling of traffic violations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. We’ll go to court with you to get your points reduced and will provide all the support and legal work you need to successfully defend your traffic summonses and clear your record. We begin by meeting with you to review your charges and interviewing the others involved (if applicable). Our New York speeding ticket lawyer will provide you with a plan to lessen or alleviate the charges against you. Most importantly you won’t be alone in the process.

What we need from you

The more information you can provide at our initial consultation, the more our staff can help you to prepare a speeding ticket defense. Some of the information that may be helpful:

  • The name of your insurance carrier
  • A summary of your traffic record
  • Names of any passengers or witnesses to your violation
  • The address or location of the violation
  • Pictures of the accident or damage to your car

Providing as much information as possible is essential for our staff to be able to defend you in court and reduce the cost of your speeding ticket in New York State.

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get immediate advice and assistance.

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